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The court has appointed attorneys to represent a class of individuals, like you, who had delinquent credit accounts with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service ("Exchange") that may have been overcharged interest. The Exchange has agreed to settle the lawsuit and to make a payment into a settlement fund to pay Class Members. Your appointed attorneys estimate that you will, without having to take any action, receive a settlement check for (1) about 75% of the Interest Overcharge Amount noted above if the "Calculation Date" is 2012; or (2) 65% of the Interest Overcharge Amount if the "Calculation Date" is 2010.

The class consists of approximately 63,000 service members, retirees, veterans, and their dependents. The United States has agreed to pay approximately $2.77 million into a fund that will be used to distribute settlement checks and to pay the costs of administration, attorney fees, litigation expenses, incentive awards, and all other costs of the settlement, as approved by the court. The proposed settlement reflects payment for the interest overcharged by the Exchange, plus approximately $500,000 to settle other, related claims alleged in the suit.